The Wheat Bread Whisperer

So, I am a little obsessed with passionate about making wheat bread. Not just any wheat bread, but wheat bread from wheat grains that I’ve milled myself using very minimal ingredients (like just flour, water, and salt). I’ve learned a lot from people on the internet about this process, but I really enjoy reading things from Dave Miller. He seems to be, in my opinion, the wheat bread whisperer.

He does his magic in California (check out his site here). I love his philosophy on the ingredients he uses; it’s very minimalist in a certain sense. I especially love his focus on using grains grown as near to him as possible.

I first heard of Dave from an article from about why whole wheat bread is so blasted hard to make (here). I found that article from searching around for bread making tips.

I found some other great articles or interviews with him on the internet at a few other places. In these interviews, he’s pretty open about his method and his passion comes through loud and clear. It also looks like he does 2-day bread making workshops (call me weird, but that would be awesome!). Some of these links have links that you can follow to videos in which Dave teaches different aspects of bread-making (which, for me, is A-list material!).

Here are some of my favorites:

The interview at gives some great pictures, a few videos, and lots of up-close-and-personal kinds of details. This follow-up has a ton of fantastic videos from one of Dave’s classes. I frequently return to these videos to see what else I can glean from his comments.

The explanation of a class with Dave Miller at is pretty outstanding as well.


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